Current PhD students

2023 - 2024 Noemi Corsini – visiting from University of Padova, co-supervision with Assoc. Prof. Giovanna Menardi
Stochastic block models for biographical networks.
2022 - 2026 Brian Hassett – co-supervision with Dr. Riccardo Rastelli
Latent position models for time-dependent multidimensional network data.
2021 - 2025 CJ Clarke
Latent variable models for collections of networks.
2021 - 2025 Niyati Seth
Optimization techniques for facility location problems for design of renewable energy communities.
2020 - 2024 Iuliia Promskaia – co-supervision with Dr. Adrian O’Hagan
Advances in latent variable models for multivariate and multidimensional networks.
2020 - 2024 Matt Nagle – co-supervision with Assoc. Prof. Aisling Ní Annaidh
Statistical and machine learning methods for tissue biomechanics data analysis.
2020 - 2024 Thais Pacheco – co-supervision with Prof. Brendan Murphy
Record linkage of historical census data.
2020 - 2024 Ganesh Babu – co-supervision with Prof. Claire Gormley
Model-based clustering and classification methods for hyperspectral images.

Former PhD students

2023 Xian-Yao Gwee – co-supervision with Prof. Claire Gormley
Bayesian nonparametric models for network data.