I am a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Statistics within the School of Mathematics and Statistics at University College Dublin, Ireland.

I am currently serving as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Data Science, Statistics, and Visualisation. I am also an Editorial Board Reviewer in the editorial board of the Journal of Machine Learning Research.

I am the programme director of the BSc/BA/BScSocSc degrees in Statistics and the organizer of the Working Group on Statistical Learning and Statistics and Actuarial Science seminar series.

My full CV is here.


My research interests revolve around latent variable models in application to high-dimensional and complex data. Within this area, the majority of my work focuses on model-based clustering and classification, statistical network analysis, variable selection, and dimension reduction.

Data-related problems sparking my curiosity are constant sources of fresh ideas for my research. I am particularly passionate about scientific problems and working in collaborative and interdisciplinary projects where data-driven research demands the development of novel data analysis methods. I am always open to explore new fields and initiate new collaborations. Some of my current projects involve record linkage of census data, computer experiments for skin biomechanics, and biographical networks.


2017 PhD in Statistics, University College Dublin, Ireland
Supervisor: Prof. Brendan Murpy
2013 Master’s Degree in Finance and Statistics (with honors), University of Perugia, Italy
Supervisor: Prof. Luca Scrucca
2011 Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (with honors), University of Perugia, Italy